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novel story - Book Review for the travel and sports novel, "The Miracle of Castel di Sangro

There IS a lot of things, know that dying small Western European nation of Italy is known, good food, wine and tourism good football. All This Things Are things ALS die yourself to an Italian drawing contributed to the country, BUT last two are likely to die, die most important thing. Many people die every year get a chance, on some of the destinations in Italy, Milan How to go to Naples or Rome famous. However, mention of the Sindh region of Abruzzo and look likely to again asking tourists. The region is in the regular die THROUGH YET Neither Italian locals on holiday desires Auslander IS THE Just The traveled BUT WHERE author Joe McGinniss for his novel "The Miracle of Castel di Sangro. Castel di Sangro IS a small town in the Abruzzo region, and the reason McGinniss war, ES GAB FOR football. The American writer, Famous had visited the small town to carried About Sports is a miracle in the city view, writes in his Small leather about his visit Details magazines and filled the local market with all frequenting, WAS fruits from bags handmade Um A real feel die for the city.

The miracle of sport know that happens in the city administration carried out by the Community If local football team. Football in Italy located in Sindh One league hierarchy of teams with the best Serie A can go with TO THE biggest, richest and most foreign teams and players die Serie C2, essentially one team to the lowest, and even ALS professionally generous. Based on their service in ANY season teams in the league either ARE or cleverly brought down to die before league. Since such a small town largely redundant and, in Castel di Sangro had even slightly lower than scaling factor and C2 No one know that YOU do something good start. BUT THE TEAM THROUGH rows increases slowly and eventually die Come in Serie B, second highest in the country to play the league and now plays with the big boys. Americans for ONE, the ONE dying ware equivalents baseball teams MUST win a couple championships in a row and die suddenly teams like the Red Sox and Phillies play.

During a visit of this magical city seems a surprising variety of characters on McGinniss IST secondary coach of the treated only a couple words of English white, and uses his knowledge of the small tongue to himself than to describe a bulldozer. Also in the cast IS THE TEAM precipitated President Gabrielle Gravina, who works only for football team die trying him an item in the government are working to die with dreams of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Finally, perhaps die most interesting person teams withdrawn by Allen old property Signor Rezza, happiness has made in the die in infamous "construction" in Naples in the south of Italy. Along the passing of the season and forms bonds McGinniss goes THROUGH A tremendous amount of tragedy with DEM team in their fight to stay just sent in Serie B and Not to Back Down Live A lower league finds in the process and challenges, Was Truly Italian ALS is all about a country.

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Tips for crafting the novel Perfect - Understanding Writing artificial

Problems with writing managed can not be overestimated
Someone asked me recently completed on the meaning of the writing process is and when I came up with a few glaring examples, this brought a wonderful spirit sentence, crossword: deus ex machina. I could not remember how to pronounce it, so I went to and a female voice that offers elegant with what I take to be the perfect inflection. And the correct delivery is essential to express the gravity of this nightmare to write fiendishly difficult to an artificial device or unlikely that the difficulties of a plot is resolved.
The significance of the letter must be understood artificial
Some people take to "artificial" refers to material that is "obvious." Again, this is certainly one way, but in the context of this article refers to writing anything that does not happen in a particular scene without some sort of miraculous intervention succeeded. What makes the scene succeeds, it is particularly difficult to agree that a lot of really great writers have the good fortune used to maintain its fantastic plot. Unfortunately, this writing is often spared the weak story. It is to be considered for a novelist, that many readers for book well, where they are kept to a person, on a coincidence.
One might expect Superman to break a door and save the publisher of the Daily Planet, but not to do in the evening news.
I'm impossible to write scenes syndrome refers Marquez. ONE Hundred Years of Solitude "is a fantastic history and contributed significantly to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Nobel Prize for Literature. But the story does not require the mystique? For me it is very painful saga also perfectly executed. But this is not made, only one sticker that employed in the story. Some authors have however taken to heart and used his technique to cover the supernatural events of the plot is number instead of writing the first in the scene. On the trick much easier than going back into history and the creation not a development of the overall plot element, with some authors mention only one thread can match each dog story.
Even the singer was no immunity
But Shakespeare had an excuse. Other than Coriolanus and a few other exceptions not so serious, he seems for a number of reasons to stay close enough to had a part of two hours for parts. However, he made a mockery of the public, and later the reader with The Tempest, a game that is one of his most famous, and I remember several films in a small section (papers Prospero, and al). The ship is destroyed and the survivors stranded on the island as the opening act, the plot is terrible and irreparable damage if the hour mark fifty-nine minutes, the ship is almost intact. At least this story was a fantasy from the start, although the powers of Prospero as a magician never allowed to appear the damaged ship in pretty good condition. Time Line made it possible, no magic. Novelists are generally not the Clock of Shakespeare.
No claim can the skills of Marquez or Shakespeare
And since most of us do not have their genius for writing, or dozens of titles under our belt and an international audience, we are probably better served if we write scenes - and most certainly our last story - with acceptable options. If someone does not forget the end of the TV series Dallas is a prime example of what an artificial stage - and how they can be devastating to an entire work. artificial scenes are a sure sign of lazy writing, and as hard as it may seem, one of the best ways to ensure will never be considered for publication consideration.

How to write a novel - writing your own novel, Bloodsucking Vampire

Vampires are back in a big way, and has created the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, the imagination of many aspiring authors. I assume you have read the Book and see the movie, and now you are happy to learn how to write a novel than Twilight. Well, I'm going to burst your bubble here and now - ping!
As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I'm sure Stephenie Meyer thinks it's pretty cool that so many people love his work, but as an aspiring writer, you should not write such a book be just like the feeling.
Why? You say.
Because we read only think that you have a large copier that's why. Of course this will not prevent the coming series of imitators with their own versions of badly written books Twilight people. But your story is not one of them.
Truth is, Mrs. Meyer has done his share of reading fiction, and still managed a unique history in the genre of vampire are overcrowded. Of course, the people are on their Ragginger not a great writer, but if they Liker his writing style or not, their characters and the story unique qualities.
If the story of Mrs. Meyer then not about some special singularity, it would not stand out from all other vampire-romance novels - and there are many of them. As an aspiring writer what you really want is to capture the same kind of magic, which means his story a. The creation of this uniqueness that you have a good imagination and a willingness to expand on the vampire legend a bit.
I know because I wrote my own novel vampire black. I am a different generation, so I of the series Vampire Ann Rice, who taught me that you create characters that are inspired Vampire, and say things that go beyond the old stereotypes. I think that a vampire wearing a cape and go around and say: "I want to suck your blood," is now quaint days.
When I wrote my book vampire black, had I not read other books vampire black and I do not want a new kind of Ann Rice again. No, I wanted my story to be vampires and unique, I think achieved.
So, here are some things to consider when working on your own Vampire Book:
Know your audience
Who are you to write this book? Who will be your normal player? Teen or adult fiction? Before you begin, you should know. Now your audience can develop your story, was done for the Twilight books, but you should be writing your target audience.
Vampire Characters
Who exactly are your vampires? What do they look? What habits do they have? Edward is brooding and go slow. If you want to create a romantic male vampire, please do not create one, as Edward. The audience for these kind of stories have been Edward. What type of vampire you can bring unique romantic?
My first male vampire is handsome, charming and relaxed. But he has this dark hidden side to him because he killed people in order to satisfy his thirst for blood is. Decide whether you run killing people, vampires, or "vegetarian" is an important feature. It will focus on its relations with mortal women, he is involved.
What powers will be your vampire vampire? Most vampires can fly, but what else can you think it is a cool power? You can use a power vampires exist, such as telepathy and give an interesting twist. My vampire can stand some daylight, but only if it something specific. You can tailor these special subtle in your story that creates a feeling of authenticity for the reader.
Mortal female main character
Who is the mortal woman is a leader in your story? Why is she meets his vampire? Is it love at first sight, or he about his victory? There must be something that you have in your lead actress - a reason why he is strongly attracted by her. If you do not waste your protagonist can be sufficiently attractive, then your story will be disappointed. The reader should keep a connection between this mortal woman and the vampire.
You can mortal a variety of powerful vampire, and have other mystical characters in your story. Before you start writing, sit down and create all the secondary characters that you want to view. What is your role in history and why are they there?
Some secondary characters can add much color and drama of a story, while others only secondary characters that keep the story interesting. Do not take these people lightly. Build strong character support, you can take your story to a whole new level of excitement.
Create characters that you love to write, and do not worry if you do not see the story in someone else. Part of the New Moon werewolves features of the Twilight series. My story is not about these characters because I do not want to write about them. However, my story very well without them.
Do you know who the Wampati! and? Because I, and they only appear in my story.
Profile History
You have choices about where they live and who they make to live with. The place where the action takes place is a big part of history. It is important that you have a place you are comfortable with the letter chosen. Select a city particularly large, or rural, just because you've seen in a movie can mean you'll struggle with authenticity.
Writing a novel, especially a fantasy, it is necessary that the author in the feel and mood of the story. If you are not satisfied with the situation, your characters will not be. Create is a place in your area, or anywhere that you frequently visit. You can even a city on your own. You should be able to see clearly what happens when you close your eyes. If you have a place that you are typing with your story a better flow will be.
Story Land
Creating a good story is essential. You can have great characters, but if it in a slow and tedious story, your readers can write valiently end of the book, but probably not want what you read again. I think that many writers struggle with this new novel.
But the books by Stephenie is not that large and enthusiastic people about it.
Yes, maybe Stephenie Meyer is not a great writer, but she obviously something right in his land. It has created compelling characters and put them in a story that resonates with millions of women (and some men) - young and old. To be fair, his books for preteens and teens are written. Many adults just happen, as the scenario and Twilight.
It is unlikely that the same luck that Stephenie will then only to the creation of large characters and put them in your own original story about a vampire focus. When other people besides you, really enjoy reading your novel, you have to write your goal a book entertaining vampire reached.

The revised draft of a novel

After the first project is the first thing to do Read the story from beginning to end, as if for the first time and how someone else has written. If an author chooses to make the best of his abilities, he will see flaws in the story with ease. It is crucial to understand that objectivity is not always easy to every author, even if he thinks that he can be very critical about his own work.
Seriously, all of the history is necessary. What is the message of the story? Is this a central theme of hidden somewhere or delete is the central theme or message? A fundamental message of love, forgiveness, resistance, the truth is important because it holds together the story and creates depth.
The beginning of the novel:
How does the story begin? Is it to start with a bang, then fizzle out after or has easy to start, but keep up with a memorable sentence, paragraph or section to the reader and start reading, then the complexity? One thing to keep in mind is that the most successful novels and long stories easy to start to track the reader with a first goal, before hard times. Thus, the main character is up will be set up properly, and after he returned to his normal life upside down, it will be enough time to go through changes.
Land and scenes:
The show is a history of episodic act or the act is a climate? An episodic plot is a general history, which consists of episodes. Each of these episodes can stand on its own, even if it is a central idea with the same characters linked, as in Sandra Cisneros The House on Mango Street or in the TV sitcoms.
A plot is a climate that a particular story arc has peak towards the end. If a writer has a conspiracy climate, and the chances he is doing, he must verify that it build the story advances through the scenes, the dramatic tension and then to see the control of every scene, whether it has a clear goal and if it The reader wondering what will be happen. Here are the most important scenes from history and make it even more spectacular will increase its effectiveness. This may at least partly by an increase in conflict in every scene and even the inclusion in the tension between the characters, which may be on the same page.
The question is: Is the story told from the perspective of the right character for them or if the story would be better if all the other character he has said? For example, if Captain Ahab had Moby Dick has been said that history would be very different, even if the protagonist is Ahab. Instead, a fantastic job Ismael, which tells the story. The same is true of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, the quality of life could be brought by the words of Nick Carraway.
The main character:
Here are some of the writers are able to ask questions. The main character has to cut a clear goal, that only he can achieve through their own initiative, even if the target is not easy for the protagonist in the beginning of the story? Is the main character deep enough? Was there a character sheet for him, and if not, we can do now to see if his character and the changes he has lived with her part?
Is the main character is not dramatic? A person who is, to a certain problem or challenge of life in spite of his pain remedy acts a dramatic character. A character need to act if he is injured and the result of his actions may make empathy or even worse some kind of emotion from readers.
Is there an unresolved problem of the past of the protagonists, which fits with the theme and has a direct influence on the story? Is it implied or stated directly? If the answer is Yes to these questions means that the novel is a deeper, otherwise an unsolved problem that the actions could have influenced the protagonists can be added.
So what does the protagonist is not the darkest hour? And if his darkest hour come? One thing to keep in mind: the darkest hours before dawn could apply the protagonist and the story arc.
The end:
The end of the novel is coming along lines of logical thought. An unhappy ending is not a literary narrative, it shocks the reader and leaves him disappointed. disappoint On the other hand, an end to Hollywood as much as it is the work of the writer is not forced seems mild.
Then seriously, the chapter is required. Then a chapter starts a bit later? How exciting is open enough to arouse the reader's attention? Have all the chapters of the novel begins the same way? It is a good idea to open each chapter and review the opening of these issues.
Terminations chapter should also cover quality, ask the reader what is to come later examined. The questions could be asked here: the end of May or the previous chapters can be added?; What all the chapters at the end the same way?
Will realistic dialogue enough? The dialogue is of the action in the history of ever? Perhaps most memorable dialogue in any way? To answer the last question, it is advisable to play with regard thinking about how to make each line a point.
The decoration of the story:
It is now time to see, hear, feel, smell, taste and as much as possible to add descriptions and scenes.
Find the "saying" part of the story is as follows. Is that a part would be appropriate or if the story was to show better be used instead. A writer can not say always and forever. A rule of thumb, show 80% against 20%.
Change the overused words and find seem to be the passive verb forms appear, brand, etc. - and decide if they are needed or whether an active verb would be to make history more interesting would be considered.
Finally comes the editing of the novel sentence construction, punctuation, spelling and other aspects of grammar.

New in Africa - Some great novels written in Africa

In the 20th Century, won independence from colonial powers, many nations, and therefore the effects of colonialism were important issues for writers in Africa.
The work of Mongo Beti in Cameroon, entitled Mission Completed (1957 Mission to Kala, 1958) is the story of a young African, grew up in France and how he suffered the penalty, if he comes home, fit. Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart (1958) describes vividly the impact of European settlers on the African society. Kenyan novelist Ngugi wa Thiong'o in his novels in the river between (1965) and a wheat grain (1967) talks about the Mau Mau rebellion (1952-1956) in which a group of Kikuyu people launched a campaign against the British military government that may not succeed in the fight against Kenya at this point in time.
The legacy of colonialism remained a common theme for novelists, even after most African countries gained independence. In many books, like a walk in the Night (1962) and a string of three son (1964), Alex La Guma discussions on the impact of apartheid on the daily lives of people. JM Coetzee's Life and Times of Michael K (1983) presents a terrifying vision of a brutal, brutal South Africa.
Some African novels with an examination of various aspects of the company concerned. Senegalese writer Ousmane Sembene, in the end God's Wood (1960 pieces of wood of God, 1962), a fictional strike by railway workers "1947 and 1948. The novel (1996), considers the economic, political and religious Guelwaar in Africa after independence.
The activities of South Africans as Es'kia Mphahlele The Wanderers (1971) and Bessie Head, A Power (1973) dealt with autobiographical themes of exile. Kenyan writer Grace Ogot in the Promised Land (1966) raises the question of marriage. Some novels like The Joy of Motherhood (1979) and Kehinde (1994), written by the Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta, to monitor the status of women in society.

Novel story - Romance Books

Sublime Romance century, the accepted method for 17, which idealized rural life and pastoral ministry welcomed as a kind of Rhapsody - embodied in the paintings of Gainsborough, as his "girl on a swing and Jane Austin novels, the glories of life in the country [ to do for the relatively well tend to anyway]. romantic novels of the 19th century either Gothic or historical, to be trained in "Wuthering Heights" and the Scottish laird novels of Sir Walter Scott. The romantic Gothic novel in America was also with writers like Hawthorne that, "wrote The Scarlet Letter," written by James Fenimore Cooper and of course, Mary Shelley and his epic "Frankenstein."
Anthologies Anthologies are ideal if you like reading, but have little time to read a whole book. The stories in anthologies, short stories, which you can pick up and place in a reasonably short time. Many people enjoy reading anthologies, because the action more severe and accelerated action, so to read it often exciting and satisfying. A number of examples of the modern romantic anthology is in our section between the category romance anthology.

One of them is the Black Lace series of anthologies, published by Virgin Nexus, which contains a series of erotic short stories, is [to] reasonably described erotic and always outrageous. " Indecent titles suggest little mischief and sensuality - quite unfair, in fact, but quite entertaining.
Classical and Contemporary When it comes to classic and contemporary authors, it is quite a selection to choose from. In this new class is as follows:
• modern series, the stories of the romance of two people fall in love with traditional central base is. These novels are generally set in 1945 and follow the representation of its central characters as their lives develop.
• contemporary single title again based on the two central characters, but instead part of a series, she puts her whole story in the pages of this unique book. Again, however, are more attuned to action since 1945.
• Historical Romance can take anywhere and any time up to 1945th
• Inspired romance includes love of the main characters in the changing context of spiritual practice their religious beliefs, which are the most powerful central plot of this story - but developed in their relationship.
• Novels that particularly strong romantic elements were the themes that the novel is the major theme and focus entirely on history. The romantic element, while woven into the center of action among the adversities from which the main characters to overcome the wedding.
• Paranormal Romance often with a plot that wrapped in a fantasy world of the future, or other paranormal events unfolded.
• Regency Romance is always a popular topic. It is in the Regency period, set in the British Empire in the years immediately preceding the date on which Queen Victoria ascended the throne.
• Romantic Suspense includes Mystery, Thriller and tension with elements in the novel the main characters. This is an important issue in the script.
• Young Adult Romance are intended rather for readers young adults: the end of adolescence in general. The central figures are usually young people that unrequited love is to be overcome somehow, so they live happily ever after.
Gay & Lesbian The general characteristics of the Romance more committed to relationships that give rise to be built to a happy end, around the love between a man and a woman. Many authors are recognized almost immediately, in fact, their gender stereotypes: feminine, masculine man and a woman ultra. Today, however, has become more of a sexual nature agrees that gays and lesbians more likely to get out of the closet are.

Gay and lesbian literature, while focusing on the theme of the attraction of the sexes the same, it follows their passions and burgeoning sexuality, the same format as all romantic novels followed: the two main characters who meet, fall love, through a series of adversity, that the tests that the extreme love and eventually to overcome these problems, live happily ever after. One of the first gay and lesbian love stories is was written by Patricia Highsmith in 1952. Called "The Price of Salt", a fictional Central completed the true sense of love between same-sex partnerships is - against the social conventions of the time.

That changed in 1969 with the Stonewall Rebellion, and in the same year with the release of "A Place for Us" by Isabel Miller was the pseudonym of Alma Routsong. This book is based on a true story lives of two lesbians in the 19 Century lived. The book was later renamed "Patience and Sarah", although I personally prefer the first track: It seems somehow appropriate.
True Romance No matter where the novel is set, or even the theme behind the story requires, a story about true love, two specific elements included in True Romance to be: there must be a guarantor and ended blood and must have a key love story that seeps through the pages. The central plot has to fall in love with two people in - usually after a series of misunderstandings and conflicts focus that all sorted before flowering love. Until this thread, the strong central love story main changes, it does not matter how many sub-plots are intertwined. The end, where the love of the two main characters is rewarded ends the story on a note of love and categorical ethos of "Happy Ever After".

The real story is in a variety of styles, can be completed in time and wet innocent to innocent, but are usually all romance novels are divided into two specific categories:
• Those who enroll in a row, with new books about the central characters are sequentially displayed is a picture of her life. These tend to Silhouette or Harlequin and publishers have to be made public, so incredibly popular that Harlequin have seen their turnover by 13.5% in the first quarter of 2009.
• Long love stories in which history is full filled the pages of a unique work of fiction.
Regardless of the Earth and the theme is embedded in a scenario to produce a love story - whether true or romantic gay and lesbian love - the same features should be fulfilled for the story, so give in this genre. Throughout the adversity has been overcome to leave the happy couple to embrace their life together in love, regardless of who the main characters are live, while the women met the requirements and expectations of its readers.

The role of violence in novels

I was for the amount of violence in my two novels, "Nine Lives Too Many" and "The Devil criticized in our dreams." We live in a world very severe, and I think the world, unfortunately. See my website to see how my books and represent our preference to use of violence.

The Daily News of Iraq convinces us that we live in a world of violence and the large number of executions in the United States on a daily basis. Our TV shows, movies and video games is saturated with violence. Housings bloodshed seem the most important pictures in our media. Our news programs and media in general, regularly report to the bloody events. After a while, I think we will be deaf in the shelter. We believe that violence is a part of daily life, the part of the condition human.

The recent horrific mass killings in the University of Virginia by a sniper student was our biggest news story for several days. The calm of a quiet academic was shattered by gunfire gunman quickly. Where people should be safe and protected, you will need to proved powerless targets rampage.

So why do I have to use violence in my novels and apparently aggravated the problem? I think not, aggravate the situation? You must first Get your players in your story. You have to hook the reader. As many readers hooked into a story through the portrayal of violence situations. It is unfortunate life. A tea party in a space are most readers do not catch - except maybe a sniper hiding behind the curtains. A novelist reflects the world around him, and if this is a world of violence, then the writer is often used - for the reader's attention, make a point to a context for the offer history, offers a mirror image of the real world each day.

We are caught by this constant and pervasive violence. It destroys our capacity for compassion and our sense of shock, shame and disgust. We have inoculated - are too complacent about infection and the culture of violence in our society.

In "Too Many" Nine Lives "I wrote a thriller that deals with terrorist nine bloody terrorist attacks that a terrorist, Felix the Cat, to New York City and Washington, DC did. It is a book full of attacks bloodier and bloodier attacks . I do not want to apologize for the deed. It was a book of the wild, wild rampage a sociopath. Was he a murderer, because he was a terrorist with a "cause", or was he a sociopath, of his inner madness serve?
"The devil in our dreams" begins with the murder of three people in a stuffy hotel in London. Why they were killed, is a matter for the reader. Perhaps they were to be killed to hook the reader into the story. If so, would that not be pure cynicism on my part to contribute? But keep in mind that I write fiction, mystery, that no fairy tale. I am not trying to write like Jane Austen. She lived in a monastery, small world of manners and friendliness. The England of his time was strong, loud, violent and often cruel, but it reflects only the grain in the world, it has chosen to represent, his microcosm.

Perhaps the writer is applying force to a story the same way they use sex in a story. Because it is an essential element of the story, not free, but necessary for what they tell you about the characters and action. Perhaps the sex and violence are connected. Some should be while the sex assault and turbulence. But will power is actually much closer to the element of rape with force, combat readiness and the struggle of the people. Love and sex should be fought the violence, the antidote to the violence and coercion.

Violence is often a reaction, a response to a situation. Not the kind of answer we want, but it is decisive, quick, and often a definitive answer to a problem. In nature, there is much violence. The animal and insect communities are full of violence. It is not only apply to people, the violence. The hunter pet goes after his prey, he uses violence to fulfill their goals and acquire food.

Is there something you can be deliberate to violence? The bandits, terrorists and military practice, which motivate them and consider their need for violence. One or more gunmen to kill the innocent sacrifice to appease their nutty - is that any intentional? Violence destroys death, and mutilated. It is an attack on reason, common sense, civilization and social order, but it exists. Religion has sometimes to theological violence to achieve goals. What a terrible irony it there.

In a perfect world there would be no violence. My novels do not portray a perfect world. They mark the imperfect world, we are with stucco - a world of corruption, hatred, cruelty, venality, and yes, violence. This creature imperfect, that is committed to perpetuate itself guilty not the ideal world, but this broken world we live in my novels are not the brightest star in perfection, but little real-world explorations. Read 'EM and cry.
John (Jack) Rooney's latest novel is "The Rice Queen Spy." His first book was the thriller "Nine Lives Too Many" with his police Denny Delaney series between the arch-terrorist, Felix the Cat. This was followed by the thriller "The Devil in our dreams," a blend of naturalism and the paranormal. His work schedule includes "back from the dead" a new effort Delaney.

He was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts (Classical High and American International College), went on an MA in English from Columbia University received and has completed coursework for a doctorate at new He has book reviews and feature pages and travel for newspapers and magazines written. He served in the U.S. Army as a military policeman in AWOL apprehension and in Times Square and in Vienna, Austria.

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